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About me

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Who I am ? #

Hi, my name is Bastien and I am 19 years old. I am currently:

  • Computer Science Student (BUT Informatics)
  • Auto Entrepreneur

I have been passionate about computer science since the age of 12, and have carried out many projects with more or less success in a wide variety of fields. This at least allowed me to acquire a solid base of generalist knowledge.

My everyday tools #

  • Languages : PHP, JAVA, Ruby, Bash, SQL, HTML/CSS, Python, C, GoLang
  • Technologies : Laravel, Symphony, Flutter, Django, Flask, HugoIo
  • IDE : PHPStorm, IntelliJ, VSCode, Pycharm
  • Environment : Zsh, MacOS, Linux (ubuntu / arcolinux)
  • Other software : Cyberduck, Hyper, Transmit (FTP)

My educational background #

After obtaining my General Certificate of Secondary Education in 2018, I headed for a High-School Diploma with mathematics / physics specialties as well as the expert mathematics option that I obtained at the Marguerite Yourcenar polyvalent high school in Beuvry in 2021.

I am currently a student in computer science at the IUT of Lens, in order to continue in Master’s degree in computer science, in the specialty that I liked the most during my future training.

My career #

I joined a private security company at the age of 16 to be able to provide them with business administration / management tools. I stayed on permanent contract 4 years in this company (2019-2023).

Since August 2022, I have also launched myself as an auto entrepreneur by creating Admitech. Admitech allows me to meet the expectations of companies of all kinds by offering them turnkey software, tailor-made, and easy to use.

Associative career #

Since November 2022, I have been involved with AFEV as a mentor. This means that I help, 2 hours a week, a college student with academic difficulties. My missions are not limited to homework help.

My goal is to guide him towards a good learning method, to guide him in his future educational guidance. But also to make him discover new activities, whether they are sporting, fun, cultural…

Contact me #

Bastien Nizart
Bastien Nizart
Student passionate about computer science